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Physician Realtor and Founder 

Hi, I'm Carrie Reynolds, MD and I am double board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Gastroenterology. I am also a certified Realtor with the imPACT Team at Your Castle Real Estate. I was inspired to become a Realtor and start Hippocratic Homes after my own challenging experience of purchasing our family home in this hot Denver Market. We moved here without knowing the area, or the hospitals, or the traffic patterns or the schools and it was seriously overwhelming.

How can I, as a Physician Realtor, help you buy or sell your home? My background as a physician means that I have a fine attention to detail. I am used to being on call, and so I will be on call for you and your home. I've been through shopping for a home in Denver and various mountain communities in this crazy competitive market and I know how incredibly stressful this entire process is. I'm here for you and your family, to help ease this burden and get you into the home fo your dreams!

Additionally, many realtors are not familiar with the Physician Mortgage Loans and I know how to use this product and other creative financing options. Work with me, and you will find that my favorite part of the buying and selling process is negotiations. I am a tough negotiator and I will fight for your dollar.

Are you in the Denver Metro area and looking for a Realtor to buy or sell your home? Call me ASAP to chat about your needs and how I can help.

Not in Denver but looking for a talented and hardworking Realtor in your community? I can help you get started with the process and I am available to answer your questions. Give me a call and I can help you find a Rock Star agent in your town!

I also run the popular Hippocratic Hustle Podcast, a podcast dedicated to helping women physicians find their freedom in life, work and finances.



Realtor and Interior Designer

Thrilled to be forging her own path as a Realtor and Designer, Tegan Davis started Hello Sweetie Co. with the intention of blending great interior design cultivated with love and passion on a budget. Tegan offers full real estate services through Your Castle Real Estate. Tegan believes that no matter what your budget or background you deserve to have a beautiful sanctuary to come home to, in any style that speaks to your soul. An avid crafter, sewer, and DIY visionary, she uses her imagination to create things from a variety of unassuming objects. Tegan is the daughter of a Physician and she looks forward to assisting physician home buyers find their dream home.  

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